Name of the offer

3sixT PrismShield Replacement Program (REV v2.0 October 2020)


1. Provided by

3sixT>Cellnet Group Ltd (ACN 010721749)
3sixT – 23/136 Keys Road, Cheltenham VIC 3199
Cellnet – Tenancy E1/5 Grevillea Place Brisbane Airport QLD 4008


2. Offer period, Place & Outlet Coverage

  • Offer shall commence from the customers 3sixT PrismShield purchase date stated on a valid invoice submitted.
  • Offer is valid for Australia only and shall be available on purchases of products from approved 3sixT resellers. Purchases of 3sixT PrismShield made on Gumtree and other 2nd hand reselling websites are not valid.
  • 3sixT reserves the sole right to reject claims and annul the product at its own discretion.


3. Product Coverage (‘Product Devices’)

  • The Offer shall be applicable on 3sixT PrismShield for:
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Series
    Apple iPhone 12 Series
    *This list is subject to change.


4. Eligibility Criteria

  • By purchasing and registering to the 3sixT PrismShield program you are automatically agreeing to all terms and conditions laid out by 3sixT in relation to the program (3sixT hold vito on all claims).
  • Customers are required to activate the new 3sixT PrismShield product during the first 14 days of purchase/ownership. Failing to register within the said period (day count) will result in device screen replacement registration being declined.
  • Damage to the submitted device chassis or other areas of the device, apart from the screen, that may prevent or hinder the screen replacement from occurring will returned to the customer at their cost.
  • Devices that are received for screen replacement that are a.) pin protected b.) have not been factory reset; will be returned to the customer at the customers cost.
  • 3sixT will reject packages that have not been packed and dispatched as per the packing steps detailed during the claim process. Packages will either be rejected or will be returned to the customer at their cost.
  • Devices that are received that have the PrismShield product applied on top of a factory fitted screen protector will be rejected & returned to the customer at their cost.


5. Offer: Device Screen Replacement / Unlimited Screen Protector Replacement

  • 3sixT will support no more than two (2) device screen replacements claimed within a two (2) year period, which commences from the valid date of purchase of the 3sixT PrismShield product to valid claims.
  • 3sixT will support unlimited screen protector replacements to valid claims.


6. Redemption of Device Screen Replacement / Unlimited Screen Protector Replacement

  • Customers will require their individual registration code to complete the claim process. This is issued to you via email at your original registration of the product once validated.
  • Customers must follow the steps to complete their claim via on designated claim area.
  • Customers can claim for a.) device screen replacement b.) screen protector replacement.
  • Identified or suspected fraudulent activity will be reported to local authorities or 3sixT contracted agencies for further investigation.


7. Registration & Verification of the documents

  • Product registrations will require the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Physical Address
    • Email Address
    • Proof of Purchase – Upload
    • Device Model Number
    • Device Serial Number
    • Device IMEI Number
  • All information inputted and submitted will be washed manually against the 3sixT database via a 3sixT representative.
  • If further information is required a 3sixT representative will contact you via email of phone to validate any outstanding information to close claims or registrations off.
  • In case any documents/invoice are found to be false/fabricated or the original invoice is lost/printed too lightly/torn to the point of unrecognition/understanding, the customer shall not be eligible to register the product and no claims shall be entertained in this regard.


8. Forfeiture clause

  • Once identified, the customer will be ‘blacklisted’ and not be eligible for inclusion in current or future 3sixT product offerings.


9. Privacy/Data

  • The Customer agrees that 3sixT will collect and store personal data attributed to the registration of the 3sixT PrismShield product. The collection and provision of collected information is subject to privacy laws in Australia. 3sixT will comply with the its Privacy Statement in dealing with any personal information.
  • 3sixT will hold historic customer data procured in the product registration process for up to two (2) years before responsibly purging from its databases/systems.
  • The Customer does not have to provide us with any personal information. It is solely at the Customers discretion whether you purchase 3sixT products, services or receive communications. If the Customer chooses not to provide personal information necessary to the completion of the registration or claim process, we will be unable to provide the service offered and may decline to deal with you altogether.
  • The Customer can request to access to procured personal information by contacting our Privacy Officer. We will provide you with access once you have proved your identity. If your request is unusual or onerous, you may be required to pay us a fee before we provide you access to your personal information. If your personal information is incorrect or you wish us to delete it, contact our Privacy Officer ( to update or delete it. Upon this occurring we will be unable to provide the service originally offered and may decline to deal with you altogether.


10. Publicity

  • The Customer unconditionally consents to accessing/use of contact information (email address & cell number primarily) of participants (if any, clicked or shared by Customer during registration) by 3sixT or its authorized agency for media coverage, advertisement or publicity for present & future communications without any further consideration to the participant including promotion of its products.
  • The Customer can cancel and or unsubscribe their inclusion of 3sixT marketing/promotions at any time via the originally received content. Please look for the unsubscribe links included..
  • The un-subscription process can take up to two (2) weeks to be actioned.


11. General Conditions

  • The customer agrees that 3sixT shall not be liable in any way for any personal or business claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the product or service offered.
  • 3sixT reserves the right to change/alter & modify the terms & conditions of this product offering any given point at its sole discretion without giving any reason whatsoever.
  • 3sixT reserves the right to substitute the PrismShield product offering with other gift(s) of equivalent value under this product offering at its sole discretion without giving any reasons.
  • 3sixT holds no liability or responsibility for lost inbound or outbound device shipments. 3sixT will make every effort to follow up & investigate lost outbound shipments with couriers.
  • 3sixT will make every effort to process to turn around approved and received device screen replacements within a 14-day period (2 weeks). 3sixT shall not be liable for any unforeseen delays caused by disruptions, losses, damages, computer related malfunctions, general failures which affect the participation of the customer or any force majeure conditions or damages caused by Act of God, Governmental actions.
  • Failure by 3sixT to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
  • 3sixT complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) which regulate how we collect, use, disclose, store and protect your personal information.
  • In no event shall 3sixT be liable for losses or any incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the product offer, its services in these terms (however arising, including negligence). 3sixT shall not be responsible for any product or service liability of any kind.
  • In the event of any conflict or inconsistency regarding any instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional material relating to the product offering, these terms shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions.


12. Jurisdiction

Decision of 3sixT in relation to the product offering and matter incidental thereto shall be final and binding on the customer. All disputes shall be governed by the laws of Australia. These Terms shall be governed by exclusive laws of Australia and the courts located in Queensland shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all the subject matter with relation to the product service offering.